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Systemic change requires going beyond great programs and requires influencing public investments, business incentives, regulation and public opinion. Even identifying the barriers to progress can be a challenge. Yet strategies backed by evidence, public opinion and smart political analysis can lead to dramatic changes for society.


  • you are interested to develop and start an impactful advocacy campaign
  • you are interested to improve your current advocacy and campaigning efforts
  • you are interested to learn how advocacy, campaigning and communications must be aligned in order to succeed
  • you are interested to learn how advocacy / campaigning and fundraising can be connected
  • you are a corporate representative and interested in gaining a better understanding how impactful associations and non-profits succeed in their advocacy and campaigning efforts
  • you are interested to learn from other peers
  • you are interested to share with other peers


Policy Officers, Public Affairs Officers, Advocacy Project Managers, Communication Professionals, Campaign Managers / Directors, Fundraisers and Sponsorship Professionals, Agencies.

LEARNING OUTCOMES - you will learn how to:

  1. Identify policy change objectives built on evidence
  2. Identify policy opportunities and proposals for change
  3. Map stakeholders and influence them
  4. Influence the media and popular culture
  5. Build partnerships for change

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION - we will explore:

  • Necessary tools needed to identify policy influencing opportunities
  • Steps required to identify opportunities for systemic change
  • Power mapping to identify the decision makers you should target
  • Design strategies that combine policy evidence with politics and public opinion to shape debates and create a positive outcome
  • Role of strategic communication in influencing debates and creating the right environment for reform
  • Identify key action-forcing moments you can focus on

WORKSHOP METHODOLOGY - what can you expect:

  • An interactive workshop combining mini-presentations that present the key elements of successful advocacy and campaigning approaches illustrated with case-studies
  • Applied group work to test the tools we learn to real world problems , and a panel discussion with a group of experts to answer questions and share their tips and tools
  • In a small and effective group 15-20 like-minded professionals, the workshop focuses on maximizing the experience and learning outcome for each participan

With thankful support of the ASSOCIATIONWORLD partners:


Start: 15 March 2019
End: 15 March 2019

The Hotel Brussels

Boulevard de Waterloo 38
1000 Bruxelles Bruxelles

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