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EVENT DESIGN - EventCanvas Programme Level 1 by Event Design Collective - GENEVA

24 May 2019

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EVENT DESIGN using the #EventCanvas Methodology Level 1 Training

Tackling the Challenges

Associations and other event owners or boards are often faced with the challenge of continuously re-thinking how their meetings, conferences and congresses create value and serve their stakeholder‘s needs. The ongoing pressure to innovate is omnipresent yet many aren’t equipped with creating new event visions, legacies nor improving processes to deliver on expectation.

Event Design using the #EventCanvas methodology is one of the very effective event design education models that provides a systematic approach to enable teams to design innovative events using Design Thinking applied to Events.

The Event Design Certificate Level 1 program is for leaders, executive directors, event directors, head of events, meetings planners and marketing managers who want a hands-on approach to understanding, designing and delivering events that matter by using the #EventCanvas, which is a strategic management template for developing new or documenting existing events and conference models. This program:

• offers insight in how events create value

• trains event professionals how to design events

• facilitates the strategic discussion about events

• is a tool for strategic management


Event Design using the Event Canvas Methodology EDC Level 1 = #EventCanvas Basic skill set and awareness – Stakeholder awareness, analysis and behaviour mapping (Empathy Maps) and basic application of the #EventCanvas to articulate how the event can change behaviour of the stakeholders. Basic skills include ability to interpret and create an Event Canvas Boundary box and discuss stakeholder needs.


  • Get insight in how events create value.
  • Discover a practical and visual language and you’ll learn how to apply this in the innovation process.
  • Learn about Event Design and appreciate powerful examples.
  • Gain knowledge about theories which are fundamental to Event Design.
  • Practice leading teams through event design sprint.
  • Work with a visual collaborative tool for strategic management



• Understand the event canvas methodology and templates to visually articulate the value of an event.

• Sketch the canvas of a random event with a team offline or online

• Learn how to lead a team through the process of Event Design

• Create, design and prototype new events using the #EventCanvas.


The EDC Level 1 Program is an interactive collaborative workshop where design thinking is being applied to collaboratively use the mental model of the Event Canvas. Participants are guided through a sequence of steps using the Event Design Facilitation Kit.

This enables the team to systematically identify and align the stakeholders involved in the event.

Then empathize with their respective needs before and after the event and identify the behaviors associated with their Jobs to be done. By articulating the CHANGE, defining the design FRAME and then PROTOTYPING solutions in a rapid sequence, the highly visual process gets the team connected and able to share their story of these prototypes in very succinct stories.

The event design tool uses the power of visual thinking and doing. Tools used include the Stakeholder alignment canvas, Empathy maps, the Event Canvas, the Event delta – design goal and the Prototyping Arena.

This enables user centric designs for events that are focused on the creation of value for all stakeholders. It is a collaborative working method that empowers teams to be creativity and results oriented by equipping them with a common language around event design.

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Start: 24 May 2019
End: 24 May 2019

InterContinental Geneva - World Class Luxury Hotel Geneva, Chemin du Petit-Saconnex, Geneva, Switzerland

Chemin du Petit-Saconnex 7-9
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