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ASSOCIATION LEADERSHIP - Importance of organisational culture – Being successful together!

4 October 2019

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This professional LEADERSHIP workshop helps Experts and Professionals to achieve greater organisational understanding and results through connecting culture to performance.


Few association executives would disagree that the culture of any organisation is a indispensably important element of any strategic initiative. Indeed, it can be the main factor that drives success or failure. Almost every leader and team members alike will recognise the importance of culture. But most will also acknowledge that this is a fuzzy area, difficult to track and nearly impossible to measure. One knows when it’s working well, and one knows when it isn’t. Most feel that there is no clear, concrete way to have conversations about culture, no way to grasp it, define clear objectives, or measure it.

-What does organisational culture mean?

-Why does organisational culture impact organisational behaviour?

-What is the link between organisational culture and performance?

-If and how does organisational culture impacts an associations’ performance?


We are continuously looking for ways to cultivate the “perfect association culture” so no colleague nor member leaves dissatisfied. Some organisations have a casual culture with no fixed rules, while some have a formal culture that defines hierarchies, and while some have a team-first corporate culture where everyone participates on all level.

This workshops offers a guide to better understand the factors that influence the organisational culture and possibly improve the ‘personality’ of your association, by examing the different ways of dealing with culture in the association world, and to provide examples for effective culture and performance management from different perspectives, by showing and exploring samples of how to build an organisational culture to improve association performance.


-Short presentations

-Group exercises

-Discussions & Exchange

-Templates and hands-on experiential learning


With thankful support of the ASSOCIATIONWORLD partners:


Start: 4 October 2019
End: 4 October 2019

The Hotel Brussels

Boulevard de Waterloo 38
1000 Bruxelles Bruxelles

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